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An alarm system complete set is the easiest solution for most users to protect themselves. However, if you are thinking about setting up a smart home in the near future, you should immediately set it up and integrate the system there. The investment is initially comparatively high, but you will later save costs and nerves of a change. You also get all the features from a single source with a smart home. The central unit including the starter package is available from as little as 158 dollars.

A siren does not currently offer RWE itself, but it can be quickly retrofitted by connecting a simple siren from the hardware store to an RWE adapter plug. You get a compatible surveillance camera like the Samsung SmartCam HD for almost 160 dollars. In addition, you should plan around 100 euros for various motion detectors and door and window sensors. So in total you pay about 500 Euro for the Smart Home Set including extensive burglary protection. In addition to the starter package an annual fee of just under 15 $, the first 24 months are free. With the good at surveillance camera in singapore the options are perfect here.

Before it starts, all furniture, carpets and whatever else is on the floor should be removed from the room. Also, any painting or wallpapering should be done beforehand, so that the freshly sealed wooden floorboards are not directly damaged again.

Sand wood

In the first step, the old plank floor is sanded down in wood direction. This is important to be able to reseal the surface later and to create a fresh-laid look. The sanding must be repeated several times with different sandpaper.

Carpet, glue or paint residues

How often the wood has to be sanded ultimately depends on its degree of soiling and any unevenness. In general, it is recommended to use grain 40 for the second grinding cycle and grain 60 for the third grinding cycle.

Grind corners in a circular motion

While the center of the room can be relatively easily sanded by always guiding the sanding machine forwards and backwards, the edges of the room are trickier. It’s best to move forward at the corners as you move the sander over the ground in a circular motion.

Remove dust residues

The dust residues must be properly removed after each sanding cycle. It makes sense to keep these separate from each other, as this can later be filled with joints. Paint residues in corners can easily be removed with the scraper blade. Without the reliable singapore home improvement the options are perfect.


After sanding, the entire area (especially the corners and edges) should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt.

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